Tao Terraces Review

“The only time to eat diet food is while you are waiting for the steak to cook” – JULIA CHILD

A pending visit as I would call, the Tao terraces did make it into the destination list each time an outing for an occasion was planned but it only happened as unexpected as it was supposed to be, because it just had more to offer than what we just wanted!! I have split my review on Tao terraces into sections-Location, Ambience, Cuisine, Hospitality and Dance Floor, followed by a score-card based on my experience.

LOCATION: Tao terraces at MG road- Bengaluru, lives right opposite the happening busy street of Mg-road. My day at Tao terraces happened during my visit at 1MG-Lido mall. Yes the Tao, stands tall at the mall’s 5th floor, which itself has 3 different floors in it. A tired day at the mall shopping pulled me to the beautiful terraces of Tao, I ve always heard about. Let us have a look at the attractions it has to Offer.

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Ambience-Most of us would argue that when it’s Thailand, it’s the Thai design and style, which is the most enduring image. Tao terraces has successfully preserved the best look in that regard. With elongated top, that descends down to form triangular shape and steep roofs that on the edges are curved to form petal shapes give a glorious look. Such roofs cover beautiful seating beneath it, with low chairs and tables or sofas again in a traditional Thai style. The dim lighting with sculptures of Buddha may make you want to visit Thailand !! This place would also be the best destination for a romantic dine-out. The architecture filled with all the authenticity makes it a place, that goes by its name!

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Cuisine– Having a soft corner towards the Thai food, I had made up my mind to taste something exclusively a Thai food. More about the food :-

  1. Wok Tossed Prawns– Prawns tossed with roasted red pepper sauce with just the right kind of spice and sweet taste got my prawn love doubled. Each helping of the juicy prawn, with all the sauce equally blended melted in the mouth, making it a delectable meal. My second visit will definitely have this on the table!

  2. Spicy Minced chicken: The platter saw something that we hadn’t expected. The spicy minced chicken had chicken finely minced, mixed with light and loose sauces, very finely chopped and sliced onions and tomatoes. This looked more like the Indian Chaat- Bhel puri at first. Yes there was a tangy taste that was sweetened with honey. The flavours going hand in hand with enough chicken bites, was the food for our soul then!

Hospitality- From a warm reception to the cordiality throughout our stay, the staffs didn’t disappoint us and stayed true-blue!! We needed a change in our seating a couple of times and we were generously helped despite the heavy Sunday crowd.

Dance Floor– Guys! I have reserved the best for the last, the dance floor and the Deejayyyy!! Well, I have this section separate because for me and for the gang that accompanied me has a real love for music and tap foot when there is the right kind at the right place. This comes from my gang who says, they can rate the Tao a 5 star for the kind of music they play- a mix of trance and progressive rock. The Tao played till 1am, and the Sunday crowd was up and grooved throughout the session.

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