Need to Express- Emotional Intelligence

“You know what..”, “I just wanted to tell you…”, “But i thought…”, “I feel the reason is…”. “Am sorry, i understand that..”. Such are my messages, my notes to self or me having an in-person communication with anyone after picking up an argument, being too happy, being sad emotionally or just when am confused!! Some say, i think a lot, while others get “irritated”. Those long messages you know!

But i like calling myself emotionally intelligent.Well that’s a term which has now prevailed for over 20 years. To know the world emotionally intelligent people live in, is a challenge in itself. Let me make you look into one! Expressing myself or my emotions is important for me, because i feel i de-clutter myself and the other side as well. Also, people get to know you better, because you “express”.

The idea of expressing emotions seems good on the whole. It has nothing to do with being an extrovert or introvert. Expressing yourself in any manner be it through writing, speaking up, body language gives you a feeling of letting free of some heavy baggage you have been holding on for no reason. When you communicate along with your emotions your intent gets communicated. When accurately conveyed, it brings trust in your already strong relationships. To communicate better, it is also important that we first have a self-awareness of the situation. This automatically enhances the clarity of the communication. For ex- When you pick up an argument and leave the situation, it’s important that you think what made the argument  happen and what was your intention while disagreeing. Think about the other side as well. Go back and communicate all what you thought. Yes, “All what you thought”. No Such communications aren’t important all the time, this could be exhausting for yourself and for the other person; but i feel when it’s critical its’ highly important to express!

Emotional intelligence is a skill, and can be strengthened through patience and the most important thing here is to study yourself and pay proper attention to your feelings first!

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