Why is Rasta Cafe called so ?

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Have you ever wondered why Rasta cafe, one of the counted on and fam cafe in bangalore has all the hype it needs to get and yet doesnt serve booze or have a pub? Well, am sure some of my readers know it, but i still want the beautiful truth behind Rasta sent across and how Rasta is all connected to what i am about to share.

Rasta Cafe, a 24 hour restaurant in bangalore enjoys the maximum crowd pleasure any day any month. Rasta  has drawn its inspiration from Rastafari, a movement whose pillars are built on brotherhood, unity, love and peace. Rastafari, an african centered religion that started back in 1930’s at jamaica- the movements biggest concern was bringing back the Black’s position in the society. Rastafari belief that blacks are the people chosen by god, were highly religious and their ceremonies included drumming,chanting and mediatation to reach high spiritual states. Their rituals also included inhalation of Marijuana to increase the spiritual connection. The Rastafaris are against consuming alcohol and eat fruits and vegetables that are a natural produce, Alcohol or any other food are considered as a non-rasta food or drink. Their religion or movement highly abstain from cutting their hair, they believe hair needs to be grown and tied into dreadlocks. Bob Marley, the famous musician is a Rastafari who through his songs inspired and spread awareness of the movement. The rastafarian or Rastafari colors include Red, Golden, Green and Black. Red that symbolises blood of the people who were killed supporting for the cause, Golden symbolises wealth, Green symbolises hope to eradicate the oppression and Black that symbolises the color of people.

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