Bathinda Dine- Review

The bread basket of India-punjab, is one of the prosperous states, known for its rich cultivational land, cuisines and particularly the traditional cooking style that is still preserved. Bathinda dine, as the name speaks, provides authentic dining experience from Bathinda(one of the oldest cities in Punjab). Bathinda dine has its outlets in Bellandur and Indiranagar at Bangalore. Situated just besides Toits and Glen’s bakehouse, Bathinda dine stands tall with a well-lit view of the interiors.


As you enter, your experience to a glimpse of Punjab starts. The intricate interiors, vivid colors, props leads you to a grand Punjabi settling. Props that signify the history and tradition of Punjab, various arts, paintings and quotes on the wall which again reminds of how Punjab made its mark in the history!


Because we knew we entered this authentic food serving place, we wanted to try everything in its way. The starters that we started with

Dahi ke Sholay- (Hung yougurt with spices). Soft and amusing, melted in the mouth. The best version of Dahi ke sholay we ever had.


Fish chilly – My friend craved for some fish and here it was! A delectable plate of fish chilly arrived. Proper blend of spice, soft with capsicum and onion all going well together. A small sweet taste perfectly went along with the pepper and other spices. A zesty, fresh dish which was our favorite among all.

Masala Kulcha- Heavenly I would say! Why do I call a Masala Kulcha heavenly ? The richness it had, each piece was filling in itself, loaded with proper blend of garlic and masalas. Thick enough with decent stuffing. The mouth watering masala kulcha was again the best we ever had!

Lemon Chicken curry- There is a Punjabi way to make this dish. And Bathinda dine did kudos there! Lemon juice, handful of spices and proper kadai got out the best flavours from this dish. The dish wasn’t at all soury. The chicken was soft, tender and went hand in hand with the spices. With the masala kulcha the combination was divine!


Lassi- Last but not the least! We just wanted lassi here. Seeing it being served at the table besides us, we just wanted it! A large glass of lassi, so refreshing and filling. It is a recommended try at Bathinda dine.

To keep up the ambience and authenticity, the mouth refreshers Saunf and gud(Jaggery) was brought in a small truck, which added to the attraction.

The Service- Service could be improved. Saw a lack of energy among staffs. Though wasn’t a big problem, but we wished being first timers, a suggestion from the staffs would help!

Overall Bathinda dine was a good experience and for this I will re-visit when I think of treating myself with some good Punjabi food!

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