Chinita Real Mexican food – Review


Did you know that Mexican food are actually among the healthy food? Yes, because Mexican food has a proper blend of ingredients that include proteins and carbs. The mix of vegetables and fruits along with meat (if needed) makes it a complete diet food. This varied cuisines stands out also when it comes to its presentation – colorful!!

Chinita Real Mexican food, at Bangalore is where we headed to when we literally wished to have food that’s healthy yet satisfying. But that wasn’t all that Chinita had to offer us. We entered this beautifully setup restaurant with mesmerizing art work and structure, spacious with good seating arrangements. The place saw a good crowd on a Saturday afternoon. The glass view gives a spectacular view of the streets.


Before heading to what to try, I wish to give a brief overview of the Mexican food and food terms.

  1. Tacos– Dish made of corn and wheat tortilla (small thin cake) as base and a filling that includes vegan or non-vegan food. Tomatoes, avocado, herbs, meat, jalapeno etc. Tacos have a narrow opening for the filling.
  2. Tostadas – meaning deep fried or toasted. Again a bowl shaped or flat tortilla (small thin cake). An open-sandwich a tostada is. Shredded cheese, chicken, tomatoes, beans, salsa, jalapeno again form toppings for these.
  3. Burritos– Unlike Tacos and Tortillas, Burritos are soft and wrapped into a closed cylinder like. The Tortillas are steamed to soften it. A burrito filling has rice, sauces, salsa, tomatoes, shredded or diced meat.
  4. Enchiladas– Are tortillas again but soft; ovened along with filling and sauces poured over it. There are spicy combinations for this dish. Mole sauces are commonly used for this dish.

What to Try ?


  1. Bean and Cheese Tacos: Customizations for grilled or baked tacos can be done. With onions, roasted tomato salsa, jalapeno, sour cream and beans, a fresh piece of taco was served. A rich bite of each serving, we were just happy to eat!!
  2. Braised pork Tacos: Incredible I would say. Perfectly tender and shredded pork with combination of salsa sauce and garnished with picked jalapenos. I loved the whole meal.


  1. Roasted Zuccini and corn: Zuccini, vegetable for the summer. Smothered in sauce, corn and lots of cheese!! Do I need anything more! The roasted zucchini dish gave flaovours spicy, slightly smoky and savoury. Again a healthy low carb food, you can rely on.
  1. Grilled chicken : The non-vegetarian version of Zuccini and corn Tosalodas. Diced chicken , refried beans, sauces and cheese, Filling in itself.


  1. Grilled chicken Burrito: With cilantro rice,beans, cheese, salsa, onion, sour cream, jalapeno, wrapped in a flour tortilla. A soury yet saucy taste. Each bite was filling and refreshing.


 1.Chocolate Chilli cake: As the name suggests, a chocolate cake with a spicy flavor. The specialty of this dish is that this looks like a normal chocolate cake, and you don’t really get to taste the spice while having it in mouth. But the after taste is slightly spicy with a little burning sensation down your throat. That was something rare I tasted!


2. Churros: Sugar, cinnamon coated bread sticks along with chocolate dip. May be because am not a cinnamon fan and a bread stick fan, I found the dish average. But this was one of the frequently ordered dish here.



1. Almond Horchata – Fermented rice water with almond mixed along with a heavy cinnamon powder topping. A Traditional Mexican almond rice berverage. A light drink, but a healthy and refreshing one.


2. Mexican Spiced Hot chocolate: Again a cinnamon spiced hot chocolate drink, quite heavy and a fiiling drink.


Service provided by the servitor, should be talked about. They helped us with all the information, we needed in a very detailed manner. From the frequently ordered dishes to good or not so good review for dishes (based on peoples likes for a particular taste) the servitor helped us with choosing the right set of dishes for our taste buds.

This Mexican joint is a must visit, I say. Chinita has everything for everyone. I will recommend and will pay a visit again for its genuinity and authenticity.

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