Love yourself


It takes courage to love someone. Giving all your love and care to a person isn’t that easy! Not easy, unless you have enough love and care for yourself. Yes, it takes courage to love yourself as well.

Most of us don’t realize that we “survive” with the validations and approvals that we get from the world. Approvals in the form of words, those looks and those gestures. Little do we realize that a day without these from anyone around is gonna be our “Gloomy Day”.
Why does that happen?
If you were the one who approved and validated yourself each day and never missed doing that a single day, you are gonna have all the days happy and “yours”. When I say accept yourself at first, I litteraly mean accepting all what you are.
You may start with accepting all your flaws first, because as you start judging yourself you naturally would start looking at “What could have been better”. Remember this makes you unique. And then move on to look at your awesomeness. You features you appreciate. May be your smile, your eyes, your shoulders, your legs etc. When you do this, you have portrayed yourself different from the world.
“If there’s someone like me, it’s only me”.
How can this make you happy?
When you start loving yourself, start taking care of yourself to the utmost, you start doing things that make you happy and you start doing things for yourself. Overtime you are a person who is fulfilling all your needs and are a happy soul!
Your imperfections are yours you decide to work on it or not work on It, it’s all perfect. If you work on your imperfections you are just adding to your awesomeness and if you don’t work on your imperfections you are just adding to your uniqueness that makes you “You”!
How does this make me love others?
It’s how you take care of yourself, how you love yourself that you are gonna love others. Yes, it’s just that! It’s as simple as if I am able to forgive myself then can I forgive others.
If you shower yourself with abundance love and respect, it’s natural that your relationships will see love and respect in abundance. The optimism that you brought to yourself is what you are bringing to someone you love. So then it would mean giving all your love and care to someone who deserves all of it.
How do you value someone’s love for you?
You now learn love is not constant assurance and approvals from the other end. The greatest gift is the presence of someone who has accepted you the way you accepted yourself. Your uniqueness and awesomeness that you count in yourself are all accepted proudly by them. You will always love hearing it from them how beautiful you are as a person as you love hearing it from yourself.
This makes you grow with them. The other persons love and care is now your achievement that you brought to yourself by Loving Yourself!

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