Why should we wait for love ?

Today at this ultramodern, new-fangled or let’s say present century, where we try to save those endangered species-birds, animals, plants all in its own way, are we not missing out on “save love”? Don’t we want to see it the way it always prevailed ? It is said love is blind. Remember how it was ? Our heart beats faster,  head spinning, sleeplessness? Have we forgotten all of that ! No, let’s not try to invent a hybrid here , like we already are. It loses the uniqueness. We don’t really enjoy a hybrid like the real ones for its look, feel and the taste, so is love .
Let’s start this generation! Let’s start now and bring all of that authenticity back. I and you would really enjoy seeing the world that we missed for sometime now ! Let’s just only exclude what “not love” is. 
1. Love isn’t a need, that one feels when they are all alone. It isn’t a need when you are sad and broken because of a human being. 
2. Love isn’t the ego and fulfilment with a human or against a human, that makes you speak/act/feel from a week place. It isn’t the discomfort you feel constantly because the relationship you call love makes you feel so.
3. Love isn’t lust. These two heterogeneous, contrasting emotions are sometimes put together and that spoils the authenticity of both. It isn’t lust, that feeling when a body just needs another body and nothing else. Love loses its meaning when the lust based relationship sometimes confuses the need- if it’s the body or if it’s the validation for the lust based relation or if it’s the question why the relation didn’t turn into love! 
Love happens. It happens sometimes slow, sometimes really fast. But it’s important that one waits for it. And during the wait if anything that “isn’t love” crosses you, recognise it but hold on to finding real love. Love is when you can smile when you think of them, you feel happy with or without their presence around you, and slowly getting into a loving relationship with them that includes disagreements, misunderstandings but all of  it just to get stronger together in love. This way , with the person you fall in love again and again during your lifetime. 
Love can change life’s , love creates stories and bonds remembered for ages. Let love prevail! The only way we can save it from extinction is to believe love is around and not losing hope that once found , what love can do is profound! 

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